Policy brief: How can forest resilience support Sustainable Forest Management?

Recently, European forests and news about their condition gained increasing attention. At the same time, extreme climatic events and more frequent large-scale disturbances challenge sustainable forest management (SFM) in policy and practice. One consequence is a strong call for more resilient forests, forests that are able to cope better with disturbances and adapted to a rapidly changing climate. But what does forest resilience mean and how does it affect our understanding of SFM across Europe? How can create more adapted forests for the future?

To provide guidance for decision makers, RESONATE supported FOREST EUROPE in developing a policy brief, which is presented at the FOREST EUROPE High-Level Policy Dialogue 2023 under the topic “Growing healthier forests: How can Sustainable Forest Management enhance resilience?” on November 9, 2023 in Berlin.

Check the policy brief out here!