Marcus Lindner: recommendations on future forest risk management

The urgently needed adaptation of forests and forestry to climate change will occupy keep us busy for a long time to come. The Scientific Advisory Council for Forest Policy (WBW), which supports the German Federal Government in shaping the framework conditions for sustainable forest management, published an expert opinion on this topic in October. Since 2020, RESONATE Project Coordinator Marcus Lindner is a member of the Scientific Advisory Council for Forest Policy and was therefore also involved in the preparation and presentation of the report.

In this video (in German) he summarizes the Councils recommendation on risk management. The extreme events of recent years illustrate the magnitude of the challenges posed to forest management by climate change. Ecological disturbances (droughts, fires, pests etc.) are increasing, but at the same time they will be even more difficult to prevent in the future. According to Marcus, we need targeted prevention activities that begin with monitoring of forest stands. We should tackle the Herculean task of climate adaptation of forests at different levels. For example, we can actively reduce the vulnerability of our forests to disturbances through the choice of climate-adapted tree species and by preserving and promoting mixed stands. Following Marcus, this also involves appropriate regulation of game density.

You can read a summary of the report from Marcus perspective on EFI’s Resilience blog (in German), and check out the different videos prepared on current research findings, including recommendations for action.

Featured image: Bark Beetle damage in Sauerland, Germany (photo: Gesche Schifferdecker)