New anthology: Boreal Forests in the Face of Climate Change

This new open-access, multidisciplinary book launched by Springer gathers contributions from 148 authors on current issues, paradigms and previously neglected challenges related to boreal forest management in the face of climate change. It has a chapter on silvicultural tools to promote forest resilience and explores a new conceptual framework for climate change evaluation. The anthology also provides expert perspectives from biodiversity, ecophysiology and integrated forest ecology topics. Focusing on the boreal biome as a whole, instead of specific northern countries, the publication incorporates a rich knowledge of accumulated past work and novel ideas driving boreal science.

The book is part of the Springer “Advances in Global Change Research” series and was edited by Miguel Montoro Girona, Hubert Morin, Sylvie Gauthier and Yves Bergeron. It can be downloaded for free at the Springer website.