RESONATE contribution to German Forestry Council’s EU Symposium

On 18 January, RESONATE Communications Manager Gesche Schifferdecker moderated the EU Symposium of the German Forestry Council (DFWR) and facilitated a dialogue on forest policy challenges that lie ahead, like the further implementation of the European Green Deal, the upcoming Nature Restoration Law, as well as forest disturbances and how to manage them across boarders. Speakers amongst others were the Austrian Minister of Agriculture Norbert Totschnig and Norbert Burtscher, Director-General of the EU Commission’s Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development. The panel hosted Jutta Paulus, Member of the European Parliament as part of the Greens/EFA group, Sven-Erik Hammar, President of the Confederation of European Forest Owners (CEPF), Thomas Schmidt, Saxon Minister of State for Regional Development, and Professor Kai Niebert, President of the German League for Nature Conservation and Enviromental Protection.

During her moderation, Gesche took the chance to speak about the RESONATE mission, and introduced the project to the diverse audience consisting of policy makers, forest owners and managers, several wood value chain stakeholders and researchers from Germany and many other European countries.

Conclusion of the event was that it is crucial for the future of European forest policy that all stakeholders work together for our common interests: more resilient forests, successful climate protection, preservation of biodiversity, as well strengthening of the bioeconomy. This inclusive event certainly made an important contribution to this aim, and so does the RESONATE project.

Featured image: DFWR