Scientific publications
Selected readings

To complement our own research findings, we recommend here a few prominent articles that are close to the research carried out in RESONATE:

  • Hlásny, T., König, L., Krokene, P., Lindner, M., Montagné-Huck, C., Müller, J., Qin, H., Raffa, K.F., Schelhaas, M.-J., Svoboda, M., Viiri, H., Seidl, R. (2021) Bark Beetle Outbreaks in Europe: State of Knowledge and Ways Forward for Management. Current Forestry Reports 7, 138–165. Doi 10.1007/s40725-021-00142-x.
  • Nikinmaa, L., Lindner, M., Cantarello, E., Jump, A.S., Seidl, R., Winkel, G., Muys, B. (2020) Reviewing the Use of Resilience Concepts in Forest Sciences. Current Forestry Reports 6, 61-80. Doi 10.1007/s40725-020-00110-x.
  • Senf, C., Seidl, R. (early view) Post-disturbance canopy recovery and the resilience of Europe’s forests. Global Ecology and Biogeography n/a.
  • Senf, C., Seidl, R. (2021) Mapping the forest disturbance regimes of Europe. Nature Sustainability 4, 63–70. Doi 10.1038/s41893-020-00609-y