Sister projects

ONEforest offers A Multi-Criteria Decision Support System For A Common Forest Management to Strengthen Forest Resilience, Harmonise Stakeholder Interests and Ensure Sustainable Wood Flows. ONEforest provides solutions for harmonizing various Forest Ecosystem Services. Thus, forest owners will be able to assess which way of forest management is advantageous for their objectives under current and future ecological and economic conditions.

FORWARDS, an EU-funded project, aims to create the ForestWard Observatory, a cutting-edge pan-European monitoring tool for assessing climate change impacts on forests. By bridging ground-based data and remote sensing, it will offer timely insights into forest vulnerabilities and guide decision-making for effective forest management. The project emphasizes climate-smart forestry (CSF), ecosystem restoration, and biodiversity preservation principles. It fosters stakeholder engagement, offering 50 grants for setting up the ForestWard Observatory and supporting the implementation and scaling-up of climate-smart restoration pilots. Leveraging existing networks and pilot sites, FORWARDS facilitates comprehensive monitoring, management, and stakeholder involvement. It also develops tools for spatial projections and regional CSF restoration roadmaps, aiming to evaluate conversion and restoration synergies and trade-offs.

OptFORESTS is a Horizon Europe project funded by the European Union to enhance diversity and resilience of future European forests running from November 2022 to October 2027. OptFORESTS stands as an instrumental project to achieve long-term impacts related to tackling climate change and natural disasters while maintaining or increasing forest biodiversity and ecosystem services, and to support international agreements and EU policy under the European Green Deal, linking with similar initiatives in other continents.