Support needed: Survey on climate change adaptation practices

Are you a forest owner or manager? Then you are already aware that disturbances, driven by climate changes, like droughts and fires are threatening the forests all over Europe. There is the urgent need to make our forests more resilient to disturbances. In RESONATE we are investigating potential adaptation measures. To get the full picture of adaptation practices in Europe we want to hear your voice.

Please participate in our survey on silvicultural adaptation and its obstacles here:

Ice storm and bark beetle damage in Slovenia

Participation of the survey is anonymous, voluntary and will take around 15 min. With the results of the survey, including your ideas and worries as well as those of other foresters and forest owners in Europe, we want to formulate strong adaptation recommendations and pass them on to politicians.
For any questions please send us an email: resonate[at]

Featured image: Beech mortality near Freiburg, Germany (source: FVA/Weidner)