Video: Forest Management in the Tatra Mountains

Dr. Antoni Zięba, Nature Conservation Specialist of the Department of Research and Nature Conservation Planning of the Tatra National Park, takes us on a tour through the Tatra Mountains as he explains the features that makes them so special, such as biodiversity, ownership structure, protected areas and disturbance management.
“The Tatra National Park is a big, wild laboratory, so we learn about disturbances and  natural processes. With our research, we follow and observe the disturbances, and we see them more as a chance than a threat, to be honest”, says Dr. Antoni Zięba.

The video was shot during an excursion organized by Krakow University’s Faculty of Forestry as part of the project Innovative forest management strategies for a resilient bioeconomy under climate change and disturbances (I-MAESTRO)

Watch it here: